Things your patients don't want to hear in the Health care unit

1. Can we take a picture of this and send it into the medical journal?

2. You can’t sue the government!

3. Oops

4. Where’s the KY?

5. I can’t get anything right today…

6. Don’t we have any sterile needles?

7. Its only a little expired.

8. Dr. ______ is pretty good.

9. Most people get better….

10. I haven’t done this in a while.

11. It was supposed to be the left leg?

12. Let me go look something up.

13. You’re going to feel some pressure.

14. Is that normal?

15. Can you come down so we can go over your lab results?

16. Were you and your wife planning to have any other children?

17. Thank God for malpractice insurance

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