Nisa love letter

07/19/2007 My daughter Nisa write this letter for her idol, Daniel Radcliff
Hi Daniel ! my name is Anisha form Jakarta, indonesia. I love to see your acting in Harry potter series, it was so amazing ! make me want to see your film more and more and more.. do you know why? because there is you in it ! by the way, do you have a girl friend ? if you don’t have, I want to be your girlfriend !! he he just kidding. I know I can’t be your girl friend, you are totally famous ! as a star and a wizard…a big star like you are easy to have a bunch of girlfriend dont ya ?! I love all your Harry Potter film, I even more like you then harry potter ! I espesially love your new movies, harry potter and the order of the Pheonix, it was a brilliant movie ! but don’t like the scene when you was kissing katie liung (cho chang) it makes me fell a bit jealusy. He.. he.. well I am very hate to go.. but I have to go now.. see you next time Daniel, I await for yor reply.. it was a big pleasure to me to talk to you in this letter.. thank you daniel. I’m waiting for your new movie !! bye byeyour big fans Anisha (11 years old)

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