Indonesian Blood Donors Requirement

Eligibility for blood donors

- You are feeling fit and healthy.
- Age: 18 - 60 years old.
- Weight: minimum 45 kg.
- Body temperature: 36.6 – 37.5 °C
- Blood pressure:
Systole: 100 – 180 mmHg
Diastole: 60 – 100 mmHg
- Pulse: Regular 50 – 100 per minute
- Hemoglobin:
Female: 12.0 gr%
Male: 12.5 gr%
- Total donation per year maximum 4 times, with an interval of at least 3 months.
- Have not taken any antibiotic for the least 48 hours.
- Have no recent illness
- Do not have asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, malaria or any other major ailments.

This condition must be adjusted to the general condition of the donor.

One is not allowed to donate blood under the following circumstances:

1. Having had Hepatitis B, or within 6 months after close contact with a hepatitis patient.
2. Within 6 months after blood transfusion.
3. Within 6 months after tattooing / earlobe piercing.
4. Within 72 hours after a tooth operation. Within 6 months after a minor operation. Within 12 months after a major operation.
5. Within 24 hours after vaccination against polio, influenza, cholera, tetanus, diphtheria or rabies – prophylaxis.
6. Within 2 weeks after live virus vaccination against parotitis epidemic, measles, smallpox, tetanus toxin.
7. Within 1 year after the latest therapeutic immunization injection against rabies.
8. Within 1 week after disappearance of symptoms of allergy.
9. Within 1 year after skin transplant.
10. During pregnancy and within 6 months after delivery.
11. During breast-feeding period.
12. Drug addiction.
13. Acute and chronic alcoholism.
14. A syphilitic person is rejected, unless having been treated adequately.
15. Suffering from clinical tuberculosis.
16. Prone to skin disease around spot where a vena (vein conveying blood into heart) has been pricked.
17. Tendency of hemorrhage or blood disease, e.g. G6PD deficiency, sickle cell, Thallassaemia the polycythemiavera.
18. Those belonging to the community group with a high risk of AIDS or HIV infection, such as Homosexuals, or I.V drug abuser.
19. Any HIV positive person
20. The results of the doctor’s examination prior to the blood donation prove unfavorable.

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