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Hello, to old friends and collectors and hello to people who are just discovering my art for the first time.
I hope you will enjoy the stories and details shown in each painting. My art allows me to create a pleasant and happy scene showing great old buildings, beautiful trees and flowers, as well as people really enjoying their lives. Children and animals are my favorite subjects to paint. I hope each child and animal projects personality and a feeling of movement. I suppose dogs and cats are my favorite animals (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Papillon and Miss Kitty share my home), although I adore all animals.
Fortunately, I live in the beautiful rolling hills of Connecticut. Because I have always loved New England, I knew I needed to live here. My childhood was spent on a family farm (begun by my great grandfather, a civil war veteran) in Illinois. His daughter, my grandmother, Belle’s reminiscences of those horse and buggy days always fascinated me. My fondest wish was to wear a beautiful long dress and pick roses all day. Then, of course, I’d paint them! I really enjoyed living my childhood on the farm. I had quiet time and the opportunity to explore and enjoy nature and farm animals.
My love of art enabled me to teach myself to paint. I have learned by doing and perhaps for me, that is the best approach and quite a challenge! I especially enjoy painting our America of yesterday. Telling a story is great fun and it seems necessary for me to tell more than one per painting! I create a world I wish I could be a part of, yet I’m quite aware such a perfect world doesn’t exist. Today, I cherish my home overlooking a meadow surrounded by woods, lots of wildlife and a babbling brook. I love the quiet peace and nature that surrounds. I am grateful.
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